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Trial and Error

Cartoon Net Offers Integration Innovation

November 13, 2008 7:00 AM

What are kids doing online? Voting other kids off the island?

It’s wise to check in every now and then with what the kids networks are doing online because those programmers are often the most innovative. Cartoon Network fits that bill right now. It drove up its unique visitors to CartoonNetwork.com to 6.6 million in October, a 20% jump over September thanks in part to the online presence of “Total Drama Island.”

That show’s online microsite alone garnered 2.7 million of those unique visitors.

The show is kind of like an animated “Survivor” but for kids at camp. It premiered June 5 on the cable network and has been one of its top-performing shows since then. Immediately after each episode, viewers can go online to compete in activities that reflect the theme of each week’s episode.

To date, kids have created more than 2 million avatars on the microsite. One of the kid-created avatars will be integrated into the series finale in December.

The site's 27 "Total Drama Island" games have been played more than 95 million times on the microsite since its launch.

(3:10 p.m.: Updated final paragraph)


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