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Trial and Error

MySpace Primetime Puts Premium Videos on Profile Pages

November 17, 2008 10:05 AM

Since its launch on Wednesday, MySpace’s prime-time application has 16,494 active users. At least that’s what the MySpace page for the application reported as of this morning.

MySpace Primetime lets any MySpace user embed premium videos from Hulu, Warner Bros. or Sony, as well as MySpaceTV originals like “Roommates,” on their own profile pages. The goal with the new application is to pepper the high-end content MySpace has deals to carry on MySpaceTV around the site and into the far corners of user profiles.

Now a part of me wonders if MySpace is getting much traction for the Hulu content it already carries on its site. After all, remember that when Hulu launched, one of the selling points was super distribution and this massive network of portal partners such as Comcast, MySpace and AOL that also would carry Hulu programming.

But now that Hulu has been up and running for eight-plus months, how many of you go to those other sites to watch TV shows and how many go to Hulu?

Sure, AOL and others do indeed carry Hulu shows like last week’s “The Office.” I’m just wondering if the super-syndication model is top of mind for consumers, or if when you’re about to watch a show online, is Hulu the first place you go?

Either way, it’s a smart move by MySpace to let users embed TV shows in their profiles, as the ads live along with the show. The MySpace application should bring greater reach for the premium content and generate more views.

Oh, and here’s last week’s episode of “The Office” in case you want to watch that here on TVWeek.com.


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