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Trial and Error

Newspapers Advertising With the Competition?

November 7, 2008 7:00 AM

As I watched Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” online on Wednesday, Nov. 5, I noticed something interesting about the ads. All of the pre-roll ads between segments were for the NYTimes.com. Makes sense, right? The demographics of the two media properties surely line up. (After all, Jon Stewart said when he interviewed Sen. Barack Obama a week ago and his audience cheered, “We’re clearly not a swing show.”)

Nevertheless, it was the first time I had seen ads for a newspaper running in a TV show online. There must be other newspapers that have advertised their online versions in online video before.

Have you seen newspapers pitching themselves in Web video? And will it work? Can papers resurrect their flagging fortunes with a sturdy online advertising push?

The ads won’t show up in this embedded clip, but here is a funny segment from that episode of “The Daily Show” in which Stewart mocks some of the silly technological “enhancements” of network news election coverage.


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