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Trial and Error

Fast Pass-Around Rate Torpedoed Motrin Ad

November 25, 2008 9:50 AM

Don’t piss off moms.

Motrin learned that lesson last week when its controversial ad thumbing its nose at baby-wearing generated a firestorm of trouble over on Twitter, then around the blogosphere and in the mainstream media.

Online video measurement service Visible Measures tracked the video and the responses. It found that fewer than two dozen unique placements of the video generated about 400,000 views and about 600 comments.

That’s not a lot of views or comments. But volume didn’t matter in this case. It was the pass-around rate and how the negative reaction spread like a bad headache thanks to Twitter.

“The suspended Motrin campaign may very well be remembered as the first ad campaign to be felled by the Twitter-sphere,” Visible Measures said. “This serves as another reminder that today an adequately, ahem, motivated constituency can harness multiple social media to have a big impact without any central coordination, budget or ulterior motive.”


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Sad part is I found the spot to be very fresh and engaging. And this is coming from a dad who LOVED the front carrying holder when my boy was that small.

But we are now in a time of instant feedback and it doesn't take much to get some bad vibes going.


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