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Trial and Error

Who Says You Can’t Jump From the Web to TV?

November 12, 2008 10:59 AM

Chef and Web host Keith Snow launched the online food-centric series “Harvest Eating” in 2006 and steadily built up a stable of videos, adding about five to 10 new videos each month to HarvestEating.com, iTunes and other sites such as the Weather Channel, where “Harvest Eating” is a food programmer.

Snow has produced more than 350 episodes of the show since then, landed a cookbook deal with Running Press, and—get this—snagged a national TV gig on PBS stations starting next spring with Kellogg’s as the national sponsor. His show is slated to launch in May in more than 200 TV markets.

“We started with a $300 Canon handheld and now we shoot a two-cam hi-def production and we have a national PBS series,” he said.

I’m going to talk to Snow in the coming weeks and get more details on how he did it, along with tips for other producers. I’ll share them with you here.


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