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Trial and Error

Automakers Slow to Catch Up in Digital, Too

December 8, 2008 8:13 AM

Maybe if the Big Three automakers developed new cars as quickly as they got themselves on YouTube, they wouldn’t be begging Congress for money.

Wait, getting on YouTube three years after the site’s launch doesn’t really equal innovation.

Anyway, better to be on YouTube than not.

NewTeeVee ran a terrific piece detailing the efforts by the automakers to take their case to the people via blogs, Twittering, social networks and YouTube. General Motors even posted this seven-minute video explaining its viability plan on Dec. 3 on the video-sharing site. (Um, just over 1,000 views? Maybe that should tell the company something.)

Ford CEO Alan Mulally did better in views, racking up more than 37,000 in his video posted Dec. 1. But as NewTeeVee’s Liz Shannon Miller so ably pointed out, “I’d be a lot more convinced by what he’s saying if he could look me—or the camera—in the eye.”


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