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Trial and Error

Can Starburst Help Make You a Rhythmic Gymnast?

December 29, 2008 7:58 AM

How is Starburst related to rhythmic gymnastics?

I’m still not sure, but this video on how to be juicy from the Starburst videoblogger series might help explain it.

The video comes from popular video blogger David Jr., who displays his ribbon-shaking abilities in this video he created as part of a campaign commissioned by Starburst.

It’s worth checking out because Starburst has been one of the most innovative marketers in the last year when it comes to harnessing Web video by working with stars who are known for creating cool stuff online.


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DavidJr is one of the few creatives out there who has the skillet to make it palatable to endure such blatant advertising. Because it's done in a clever sort of way I don't mind watching the starburst ads and almost want one... Nice pick starburst marketing team. Kudos.

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