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Trial and Error

Does Viacom-TWC Fight Help Broadband?

December 31, 2008 9:05 AM

Consumers might have a new incentive to defect from cable to broadband-only video. That’s because Viacom and Time Warner are engaged in a battle that could result in Viacom channels like Comedy Central being pulled from Time Warner systems when the contract between the two companies expires tonight at midnight.

Viacom is asking for an increase of about 25 cents per month for the package of channels or about $3 a year per customer. That kind of increase could potentially raise cable bills even higher.

Could these high-stakes poker games with the consumers as the chips breathe fresh interest in ditching cable entirely? Will more cable viewers opt out, opting instead to get their shows via broadband? Let me know what you think!


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Forget cable, it is way too overpriced anyway.
And as for this disagreement goes, that should be a sign that cable tv is not worth any subscribers dollars or time.
This is a bad sign to anyone who pays for cable.
Many more of these type of situations are going to happen in the future.
Simply put: NOT WORTH IT


Viacom needs to think of the consumers first - Please don't pull these channels from Time Warner Cable or Brighthouse Networks!

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