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Trial and Error

Here’s the Dude With Great Hair Thanks to Milk, on Hulu

December 3, 2008 12:29 PM

We recently reported that when given the choice of ad to watch before an online program, about 88% of Hulu viewers are opting to view a two-minute advertisement in exchange for no ads during the rest of the show.

I haven’t come across one of these long-form ads, but Web personality and science journalist Kirsten Sanford has. During this week’s audio podcast “This Week in Media,” she recalled seeing a “hair ad” on Hulu that she thought was about milk.

Well, “This Week in Media” listener Richard Walker sent me a link to the ad, since he saw it on Hulu too. It’s a pretty clever ad from the California Milk Processor Board in which a deep-voiced white-haired rock star croons, “Is it me, or do you love my hair?”

The video has generated more than 575,000 views on YouTube. I guess the question now is: Are you drinking more milk because of this ad?


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That's pretty funny, but a bit too long.

I don't think anyone will drink more milk because of a music video ad, but at least milkertainment now exists on the web.

The CMPB will be milking this video for awhile!

oh, hai Daisy! "Will it Blend" it ain't, but it certainly made the hulu ad viewing experience pleasant. And that guy really looks familiar!

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