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Trial and Error

How Will the Sexiest Man Alive Look as Oscar Host?

December 15, 2008 10:49 AM

I get that it makes more sense to have a movie star host the Oscars than it does a television star. But let’s be honest, it sure doesn’t hurt that Hugh Jackman is People’s current Sexiest Man Alive? And the Oscars telecast, after all, is referred to as the Super Bowl for women in terms of its ability to draw a female audience.

I haven’t tuned in for the last few years, but I’m thinking I just might this year, even if Heath Ledger isn’t nominated for his acting performance in “The Dark Knight.” Which he really should be, but if he’s not, then perhaps Christian Bale for best smolder?

I digress. For a taste of the new Oscar frontman, here is a clip of Hugh hosting the 59th annual Tony Awards in Radio City Music Hall.


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I love him! I hope he does a great job. One thought though... what if he's nominated for "Australia"? Awkwaaarrrd!

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