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Trial and Error

This Game Is a Shoe-In to Be a Hit

December 18, 2008 8:04 AM

Why let an Iraqi reporter be the only one who gets to throw shoes at President Bush?

Now you can, too, if you play the new online game “Ninja Bush” at www.tabloidgames.com

The online game was created by John P. Roberts, the former interactive gaming expert from GSN. In “Ninja Bush” you can throw shoes at the president, but he’ll toss baseballs back at you, so watch out. If he hits you with three baseballs, it’s game over for you.

Roberts recently created the online game “Palinisms," about the Alaska governor, as well as “The Prison Life: Paris," which received more than 1.5 million game plays.


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gaming girl:

If you say so, I just tried this, it crashed my computer, made me reload my browser, tweak a few other settings, need I say more.

No. At least I didn't have to call India.

these shoe throwing games are too funny

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