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Trial and Error

Twitter Qua Marketing Tool, Part Deux

December 31, 2008 9:32 AM

Earlier this week I wrote about how companies such as Hulu and Veoh are leaning on Twitter to track user feedback and what’s being said about them over the microblogging service. Since then I’ve heard from a number of other companies also using Twitter in smart ways and I wanted to draw attention to the PBS Twitter account. Check it out at www.Twitter.com/PBSEngage. This is one of the better examples by a broadcaster and media company of using Twitter interactively. Being interactive on Twitter—that means actually talking, responding and replying–to Twitter comments and posts about your service is what engenders viewer loyalty.

So take a look at the PBS account, which is used to provide links to PBS blog entries and also to chat with users and followers. The broadcaster’s recent Twitter feed includes friendly replies to users (a good idea as this involves users in the conversation), posts about whether the site is working, and tweets about other PBSers to follow, such as www.Twitter.com/NewsHour, which includes newsy tips from that show and interactions with followers too.


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