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Trial and Error

Web Show Host Lands Gig With Tea Company

December 9, 2008 9:24 AM

Once upon a time a tea-obsessed video producer decided to make a Web show. Like thousands of others before him, he grabbed a camera and started shooting in his kitchen.

Unlike others, he kept making the show and he kept sending it out to experts and he kept asking for advice and he kept fixing his show and he kept making it better.

He submitted the show to Web network Revision3 as an applicant for its beta program, a farm league for emerging Web shows. The show was rejected, so he refined it and struck relationships with video-sharing sites. He submitted it again to Revision3 and it was accepted.

That was two months ago. And the show, “Bottles, Blends and Brews,” became part of the freshman class of the Revision3 beta.

Fast-forward a mere six weeks later because that same Web host—Zack Luye—landed a gig as the host of a new weekly Web show created by Adagio Teas, one of the biggest tea makers and distributors.

The show is slated to launch online in January and will revolve around the company’s “signature blend line.” The podcast will highlight some of the more interesting and successful custom blends that customers can create on the site.

Why am I telling you this story?

1. Persistence can pay off.

2. Not everyone gets hurt in a recession.

3. There are paths to making money if you launch a quality Web show.

4. Brands increasingly will produce online video content for their sites.

5. If you have an expertise, reach out to like-minded brands, companies or marketers. They’ll be leaning on Web video more in these lean times.

Mr. Luye will continue to host and produce “Bottles, Blends and Brews.”


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Comments (7)

Congratulations, man. That's sooooooo wicked.


Glad to see Zack landing some good news and doing well. This is awesome, cant wait for it!

Congratulations Zack! Love the show.. Keep it up man..

Randal Graves:

Zack Luye not only hosts a shitty show, but he is a pompous asshole to boot. Seriously, I bet someday he tries bottling his own farts and selling them as cologne. After his 'show' is canceled I can see his life spiraling out of control until he finds himself involved in the world of transexual pronography.

Dante Hicks:

I totally agree with Randal on this one. I had the displeasure of meeting Zack Luye once. I went to shake his hand when he rudely stuck his finger out and started screaming "PULL IT!! PULL IT!! GODDAMMIT PULL MY FUCKING FINGER" I had no choice and gave it a good tug. What ensued was one of the most unpleasent aromas I have ever experienced. I think the paint in the room was peeling off the walls. Anyway Zack's rude behavior coupled with his chronic flatulence made me think very poorly of him. Oh yeah, and his show sucks some serious asscock.

Anonymous User:

OMG! I could not have said it better than Randal and Dante. Pompous, Arrogant, Jackass, Jerk of a human being. Jealousy? NO! Realism? YES!

And if Zack did bottle his own farts, he would try to market them as room fresheners because he thinks they smell like roses.

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