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Trial and Error

Follow Fred's Methods to Web Video Success

January 7, 2009 3:04 PM

He’s the biggest thing on the Internet right now and I’m the only one who’s heard of him?

C’mon, people. You need to know about Fred.

So I’m at MacWorld at the booth of MDialog, an online video technology firm, and Web creator and French Maid TV producer Tim Street is speaking about some of the most popular online videos of all time. When he cued up an image of a teenager on helium with anger-management issues and asked if anyone knew who he was, I was the only one who shouted out, “Fred!”

But that’s beside the point. Mr. Street’s presentation is actually about how producers can use video to deliver on their brand promise online. “What is the promise of your brand? What are you delivering? What are you offering?” he said. “As you prepare your video, think about story, think about spectacle, think about emotions. What specific emotions are you going to move in creating your video?”

And if you have a great story, with spectacle, that moves two or more emotions, your video will go viral. Well, that’s what Mr. Street says.


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Comments (2)

Oh wow - really? No one knew who he was there? Sometimes people get so wrapped up in the pipes that are carrying all this streaming video that they forget to pause and actually enjoy some of it.

Wish I could have been there - nice work Tim.

It's hard to believe the success that Fred has had in the online video world. I guess the only answer that can be concluded is that he stands out, has personality, taps emotion, and has an interesting story to tell. How can you not want to share something like that with your friends, family, and colleagues?!

My only question now is will his eyes be permanently locked in the cross eyed position if he continues his craziness?!

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