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Trial and Error

Getting in Touch With NBC Programming

January 8, 2009 11:24 AM

If you can't find me at CES, it’s probably because I’m busy touching NBC.

NBC Booth at CES

No, I don’t mean like that! Sheesh.

But I’m sort of like Chuck Todd, NBC’s political director, because here I am touching with my bare hands all sorts of NBC content over at CES. At the NBC Universal booth is a sort of coffee table with a clear top that lets you touch what look like cards for NBC programming, such as “The Office,” “Countdown” or “30 Rock.”

Just as you’d do with an iPhone, you can use your fingers to drag Keith Olbermann over to you, or pull along a video player with Jim from “The Office” in it.

And here’s the cool part: You just tap the play and pause buttons with your finger to make the show stop or start. It’s very hands-on, clearly.

This kind of interface for everything you could possibly want from NBC is not available to consumers now. But maybe in a couple of years it will be the coffee table in your living room, said Adam Benalt, broadcast director at MSNBC, who showed me the coffee table device powered by Microsoft's Windows Vista.

The touch screen is going to be huge.

(Uh, yeah, those aren’t my hands in the pictures, people.)


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Excepting handhelds and other small form factor devices, ergonomics is pretty much going to assure that touch screen devices go nowhere.

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