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Trial and Error

How Does He Do That?

January 15, 2009 8:43 AM

Here’s the thing: You know it’s a trick. You know bizarre magician Brian Brushwood can’t actually have just stabbed a knife all the way through his hand. Still, you wonder how the heck he pulled the trick off…

How do you think the host of Revision3’s “Scam School” did this knife-through-the-hand trick?


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Foreign Correspondent:

The little fake knife stub was always glued on to the back of his right hand, right from the beginning. Watch the way he holds his right hand palm out, back turned away from the camera during the entire trick. (Notice, too, that the knife blade looks to be 5-6 inches long, but when he slams his hand all the way down, less than about 1 inch of knife blade is poking up and out.

But it is a very effective visual trick!

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