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Trial and Error

The MacWorld Superman-YouTube-Ministry of Magic Phone Booth

January 7, 2009 1:17 PM

The word so far about MacWorld is it’s been an entertainment-free event in the sense that there aren’t oodles of cool television- or video-centric gadgets on the show floor, and certainly not in Tuesday's Apple keynote.

Daisy Whitney

Still, I strolled the show floor this afternoon just to see if something would jump out at me—some cool new device that delivers entertainment to your pocket kind of thing. (And yes, Sling did announce a cool iPhone app yesterday, which is likely the closest this show will come to a gee-whiz moment.)

And I found the YouTube phone booth! In the corner of the Google exhibit, you’ll find a red phone booth—the kind that either changes you into Superman or delivers you into the Ministry of Magic—and people were using it to upload videos right there from the show floor! OK, it’s not earth-shattering, but it’s just kind of cute and cuddly.

One of the booth workers took a picture of me in front of it. The best part was when she tried to just touch the screen of my BlackBerry to take the picture. I had to explain that on most BlackBerries, you still press buttons. They don’t have touchscreens. Yet.


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