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Trial and Error

Blinkx Aims to Entertain, Inform via Filters

February 5, 2009 7:57 AM

Discovery is all the rage in video search. That’s why Blinkx today introduced a new feature on its video search site that lets users click buttons for “entertain me” and “Inform me.” The site then delivers you a playlist of the most popular entertainment and news stories from across the Web.

The thinking behind this new feature is: Consumers are increasingly inundated with Web video so they want video delivered to them. Rather than sift through a site—who has the time to filter through the more than 14 billion videos watched each month?—you click on a button and get a filter that way.

You tell me. What do you think of this feature? Will you use Blinkx more because of it?


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I think the new site is a tremendous improvement over the old one. And yeah, who doesn't want to waste time at work? I read somewhere recently that more people watch videos online at work than at home. Blinkx just made it a whole lot easier for the slacker in all of us.


I love watching the new inform me channel - I never have enough time in the day to actually watch the morning/evening news so this helps me get the top headlines of the day quickly and easily online. Plus I can fast forward when its not a story I'm particularly interested in. YAY!

Chris Bryant:

I love this- complex technology organized in a way the average user can benefit from and understand.

The average Joe doesn't care about how amazing the code for the video search is, they just want to watch a video!

I think it works really well, quite nice to be able to get all the news together in one go and watch random stuff later on when you are bored...

good for them.


Can I recommend OVGuide.com, which has a very good video search Web site.

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