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Trial and Error

‘Co-Op’ Finds New Home on Revision3

March 11, 2009 3:02 PM

Online television studio Revision3 brought a new show into the fold, this time through the acquisition of video game and gaming culture show “Co-Op.” The show premiered on the Revision3 network this week and features hosts Ryan O’Donnell and Matt Chandronait, who had previously produced the show on their own from their living room.

This is good news for “Co-Op,” but I do wonder if there is room on the Internet for all these gaming shows? There are a lot of them, for sure.

But then again, one of the more popular gaming shows was on ManiaTV and that company shut down last week, so maybe there is room!

The creators seem to be, well, creative. To raise money for the show at one point, they set up a fan donation page, garnering about $1,7000 and three computers in one month, Revision3 said. The show attracts about 60,000 viewers each week.


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