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Trial and Error

'Epic Fu' Creators 'Hacking' Way Back to Next New

March 5, 2009 7:53 AM

Everything eventually comes full circle, at least in Web video, it seems. The “Epic Fu” team and Next New Networks are back together again.

Here’s how it all played out. Smashface Productions, creator of the Web series “Epic Fu,” started that show in 2006, partnered with online TV studio Next New Networks on it in 2007, then left Next New Networks for Revision3 last summer. Then Revision3 jettisoned “Epic Fu” from its lineup during a round of layoffs and show cancellations last fall. Now Smashface has paired up with Next New Networks again, this time for a new show.

Created by Smashface, “Hacking Hollywood” launched this week on Next New Networks' computer-themed network WePCtv, with sponsors ASUS and Intel on board. The weekly show looks at how the futuristic computer technologies seen on TV and in movies translate to the real world. The series will feature commentary from several popular Web hosts, including those behind shows like “Tiki Bar TV” and “Galacticast.”


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