NASCAR Ratings Gopher a Plunge on Fox USAToday

Ratings are down for NASCAR races but Fox Sports chairman David Hill refuses to believe the drop has anything to do with Digger, the animated gopher who appears during race broadcasts on the network, USA Today reports. A NASCAR official blamed Digger, but Hill called that idea “the biggest crock of [stuff] I’ve ever heard.” Hill tells the paper NASCAR is going through a ratings correction with several causes but could shore up viewership with a consistent start time for its races.
—Jon Lafayette

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I agree, Digger is not the problem. (Though I never watch that part of the show, can't stand it.) The problem is the fact they need digger to pad the pre-race show. Start the race sooner and maybe it will end on time. Plus do something to make it more competative. It seems if someone get out front in clean air, the race is pretty much over. I've taken to DVRing the race so I can fast forward through the boring parts (like Digger)

How can they shore up ratings with start time consistencies? They've been doing fine as is for the last few years and it sounds like finger pointing.

Digger can't bring down ratings... I don't think. But sometimes I turn the channel to something else to get away from that ****, and I forget to go back to the pre-race show because info-mercials seem better than the digger alternative!

Now if they'd quite focusing on the lone car out in front and show some of the fender battles in the middle of the pack, that might make for better viewing.

'Nuff said.

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