Networks Pass on D.C.-Based Pilots NYTimes

None of the five Washington-set shows in development for the fall season were picked up despite the tide of change in the White House and more political involvement among youth, the New York Times reports.

Among the shows in development were The CW’s “Body Politic,” CBS’ “House Rules” and “Washington Field,” ABC’s “See Cate Run” and “Inside the Box” from “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Shonda Rhimes.

Some media analysts suggested that the networks passed on the pilots in favor of sci-fi shows with more universal appeal and shows with more earning power in international markets. Shari Anne Brill, a senior vice president at the media agency Carat, also suggested that perhaps there is concern that the shows would not live up to or surpass “The West Wing.”

“House Rules” still remains in contention for midseason, while producers for “Body Politic” are trying to see if any other networks are interested in the show.

—Vlada Gelman