Zucker on Charlie Rose Show--Rose: NBC in 'Shambles'; Zucker: That's 'Unfair' Reuters;

In an interview on PBS’ “Charlie Rose” on Monday, NBC Universal head Jeff Zucker said he had shown leadership and “guts” in his handling of the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien drama, Reuters reports.

He said his job was to take chances, noting, "Nothing tried, nothing gained."


When Rose opened the show saying that NBC was in "shambles," Zucker's immediate retort was that that assessment was "unfair" to the people who worked at the company.

In hindsight, Zucker said  the move of Leno to prime time was a mistake, adding "And I think it's the sign of a leader to step up and say, you know, when something's not working, to have the guts to reverse it. Leadership is about taking chances and taking risks. And also, leadership is about acknowledging when they don't work."

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--Elizabeth Jensen and Chuck Ross