3D Capable TV Sets Arrive at Sears in March; Guess the Price of the 46-inch Model NY Post

[UPDATE: This item originally said that the Samsung sets on sale at Sears next month would be the first 3D sets available in the U.S. This information is from the article to which this item links. As our first two comments say, however, a Mitsubishi 3D set has been available as well. So we have amended our headline and item to take out any references that the Samsung sets will be the first 3D-capable sets sold in the U.S.--Chuck Ross]

In March Samsung 3D capable TV sets will be available at Sears., the New York Post reports.

Two models will be available, one 46-inches, one 55-inches.

The 46-inch TV will go for $2,599; the 55-inch set will be priced at $3,299, the report says.

Glasses will be required to get any 3d effect. And the only 3D programming, initially, will be exclusively from DVDs. And those DVDs won't be available until the spring, the report says, adding that a 3D disc of the hit movie "Avatar" is expected in November.

DirecTV has said it will have a 3D channel up and running later this year. Also, "ESPN says it will be ready this summer to broadcast some World Cup soccer games in the new format," the report says.

--Chuck Ross