Simon Cowell Spouts Off on Why He Got 'Fed Up' With 'Idol' ... and What He Thinks of Lou Reed

Want to know why Simon Cowell left Fox's "American Idol" after 10 seasons? According to, Cowell said he became bored doing the show, adding, “Especially when you’re not producing it, I got fed up.”

As for his new American show, "The X Factor," Cowell said it will hit the air in March 2011, which may push the British show "Britain's Got Talent" to fall 2011.

Cowell dissed singer Lou Reed for refusing to allow Susan Boyle to perform his song "Perfect Day" on "America's Got Talent." Cowell called Reed "petty and pathetic."

He also said he is setting up a joint venture with new CNN host Piers Morgan to do talk shows, according to the story.