Michael Ausiello Leaving to Start TV Site with Company Behind;

Michael Ausiello of wrote in an item on his online column that he's leaving Entertainment Weekly to start his own television site with Jay Penske's MMC Corporation, the company also behind

"Although I know there will probably be a lot of rumors about why I’m really making the change—mainly involving [EW columnist] Annie Barrett pushing me out—don’t believe them. (She only tried to push me out.)," Ausiello writes. "The truth is, as I’m approaching my, uh, late *cough* 20s, it’s simply time for me to do something that scares the you-know-what outta me. And there’s nothing more terrifying than walking away from the best job in the world at one of the best, most iconic, pop-culture brands in the world." wrote on its site that some of Ausiello's stories will also be posted on its site as well as the site Ausiello is starting.