As Hollywood Remembers Ronni Chasen in Memorial Over the Weekend, A Report Surfaces that Chasen Herself Recently Thought She was Being Followed Fox News

An artilce by Hollie McKay on the Fox News website says that even as Hollwood was remembering publicist Ronnie Chasen formally in services over the weekend, a report surfaced that Chasen herself thought she was being followed in recent weeks.

The article says, "The New York Post reported over the weekend that Chasen suspected she was being followed by an unknown back in March, and she revealed to friends that she was 'scared.' "

WIth the police offering nothing new over the weekend, McKay focused on some other reports about  various experts who offered their opinion about the murder: "Former FBI Special Agent and Forensic Accountant Harold Copus, who now works as a private investigator for his firm Copus Security Consultants, said if shell casings from the bullets were not left at the scene, and if the shots were indeed methodically timed, that would indicate the work of professionals." Copus originally made his remarks to the website Pop Tarts.

She later quotes Copus again, "“There is still a lot of work to be done, but it isn’t as bad as it seems right now. It sounds as though it was more a crime of passion than anything else. This case has generated a lot of publicity, and somewhere along the lines people are bound to run their mouths.”