A True TV Legend, Who Created 'Entertainment Tonight,' Succumbs to Cancer. Al Masini, 80, Dies

The prolific television producer who created "Entertainment Tonight," "Star Search," "Solid Gold" and "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," Al Masini, has died at the age of 80, reports the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

According to the article he "died Monday {Nov. 29, 2010] of complications from melanoma."

The obituary said, "Masini once said he was not motivated to be rich -- just not poor. He said he was a simple person, remembered for his unassuming demeanor and deals sealed with a handshake."

The article explained how, among all his other accomplishments, he steered "Baywatch" to Hawaii:

"In 1999, when the popular lifeguard series "Baywatch" was looking to relocate from California to Australia, Masini engineered a deal that brought it to Hawaii.Greg Bonnan, executive producer of Baywatch,' said he had already spent months negotiating with government officials in Australia when he was approached by Masini.

"Sent by Cayetano, Masini sang the praises of Hawaii and the idea of keeping jobs in the United States, Bonnan said. But to Bonnan, Hawaii was a mystery and Australia a solid deal.'That's sketchy when you have to deliver a show to the world, but on the strength of Al's handshake and the look in his eye that it would work out, I went with it,' Bonnan said. 'Al was the guy that Hawaii trusted, and Al was the guy I trusted.'

Masini is survived by his wife Charlyn Honda Masini and his sister Melba Marvinny.