Comcast-NBC Universal Deal Gets Support of Asian-American Groups Mediaweek

The proposed Comcast-NBC Universal merger has received support from five Asian-American organizations after Comcast agreed to expand Asian-American programming in a 16-page memorandum of understanding, reports Mediaweek.

The groups include the Asian American Justice Center, Organization of Chinese Americans, Japanese American Citizens League, East West Players, and Media Action Network for Asian Americans, the story notes.

They had been working with Comcast since the deal with NBCU was announced and amid their concerns after Comcast terminated one of the few Asian-American channels, it adds. Comcast's agreement to expand programming includes either debuting a new channel or increasing distribution of an existing channel, as well as the start of Cinema Asian America, which is a new On Demand channel, the story says.

Comcast said it will also invest "substantial funds" to develop talent streams for Asian-American-themed content, the article adds.