Could Sarah Palin Earn $1 Million Per Episode for Second Season of 'Alaska'? AOL's Popeater Naughty But Nice blog

TLC's "Sarah Palin's Alaska" has been successful enough that the network is trying to convince the former Alaska governor to sign up for a second season, reports Rob Shuter at the AOL-owned PopEater Naughty But Nice blog.

Writes Shuter: " 'Sarah knows to strike when the iron is hot and started talking about season two right after the show debuted to huge numbers,' a friend of Palin tells me. 'She knows that celebrities get millions of dollar for each episode of their shows and thinks she's worth it too. Jennifer Aniston took home millions from 'Friends' and in Sarah's eyes, she's no different.' "

We will dispense with the "Palin is no Aniston' line and continue with Shuter writing, "Now before we get carried away, Sarah must remember 'Friends' delivered way more than 4.96 [viewers] million a week. Still, she does have a point. One TV expert told me if Palin plays her cards right, it would not be impossible for her to get $1 million an episode for a second season."