Does TV Host Carry a Game Show Curse?

Nellie Andreeva at asks whether a game show curse is following the host of Fox's "Million Dollar Money Drop," after the show flubbed the answer to a question that cost a couple $800,000.

The story points out that host Kevin Pollak, who is a respected actor with roles in "The Usual Suspects" and "A Few Good Men," last year agreed to host Fox's "Our Little Genius," a game show that had producer Mark Burnett behind it and a time slot after "American Idol." But that show never made it to premiere, with Burnett requesting that it be pulled over suspicion of contestant tampering, the story says.

While the eight episodes produced for the show never aired, the winners were paid their prizes. "So Pollak has now done two stints as a TV game show host, both of them mired in controversy. Was it just a string of bad luck? Or a sign that he maybe should stay in movies?" Andreeva asks.