Final 'Larry King Live' Most Notable For Its Oddness TVWeek; Washington Post; CNN; YouTube

Larry' King's final talk show on CCN after 25 years may best be remembered for its collection of awkward moments, from King's mis-timed introduction of guest Bill Maher ("these words are not easy to say--Bill Maher is the host...") to a live satellite interview with former President Bill Clinton that played like a a comic throw-back to the early days of TV when the technology never quite worked.

Our friend Tom Shales, in his Washington Post review of the show wrote about another awkward moment: "When the ineffably affable Regis Philbin offered cheerful salutations from New York, King barely registered a reaction. Although Philbin praised King's aptitude for remembering very old songs, King sat there like a lump when Philbin launched into the old closing theme from 'Your Hit Parade': 'So long for a while, that's all the songs for a while.' Poor Philbin was left dangling, with professional celebrity Donald Trump at his side."

One of the true highlights of the show was a poem Katie Couric read about King. It really captured King's 25 year career at CNN.

Click on the picture below to watch and listen to Couric's poem.