Forecast Identifies Cybercriminals' Likely Next Targets LA Times

A report from tech security company McAfee, cited in the Los Angeles Times' Technology blog, says the focus of cybercriminals in 2011 will likely be newer devices such as Google TV, Internet-connected TV sets and Apple products such as iPads.

Apple products, which in the past have been ignored by hackers, are likely to be targeted with more sophisticated malware as more businesses adopt them, the story says. And when consumers use social-media services such as Twitter and URL-shortening Web sites, they should be aware that a growing number of shortened URLs are actually addresses that can bombard them with spam, malware and other scams, the story notes.

Another issue is the use of location-based apps, such as Facebook Places and Foursquare, which can tell cybercriminals with a few clicks a "wealth of personal information on individuals [that] enables cybercriminals to craft a targeted attack," McAfee said.