Forecast Sees Wide Adoption of Internet-Connected TV Services--Even as U.S. Lags Behind Rest of World MediaPost

According to a forecast from media research forecaster Futurescape, in five years almost 40% of televisions sets produced for the U.S. market will have Internet connections and services, reports MediaPost's MediaDailyNews.

The forecast indicates that about 43 million U.S. television homes out of 115.9 million overall TV homes will have sets with online connections. The article says other research suggests that 57 million U.S. television homes will view regular full-length TV shows from online sources on their TV sets.

Futurescape says social media is one reason for the push into Internet-connected TV sets, and that 63% of television viewers want Web access for their TVs, enabling them to tap into show information, talk about programs with friends and to shop online.

The story notes that the U.S. is moving more slowly than other parts of the world into Internet-connected TV, with a global forecast that 54% of flat-panel sets to ship in 2014 will include Internet-connected TV services.