Get Ready for a New Annoyance on Your Mobile Phone WSJ

A new type of mobile-phone ad may soon hit your mobile device, reports The Wall Street Journal. (Note: The WSJ is behind a pay wall and not all readers may be able to access this article.)

Called "intercept campaigning," the ads appear when a person uses a competitor's phone or network or browses the Web on their phone, the story says. The ad pops up and essentially tells the user, "You're still using THAT?," the article notes.

For instance, Nokia has targeted ads for users of Motorola's Razr phone, with ads popping up that read, "Are you really still rocking' a flip phone?" Then the ads suggest upgrading to the Nokia Twist, the article notes.

Research in Motion is using a similar technique to get people to switch to its BlackBerry devices, with ads that ask users of rival devices to "See the difference."