Howard Stern Renews at Sirius XM; Key to Deal Is That He Moves From Satellite Only to Smartphone App ZDNet

Howard Stern announced on air today, Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010, that he's renewed with Sirius XM for another five years.

Though terms of the deal were not revealed, Stern's first five years at the satellite radio outlet made him $500 million.

One key to Stern's renewal is that he'll become part of the Sirius XM app, "which is available on various platforms such as the Apple’s iPhone, Android devices and the BlackBerry," reports ZDNet.

According to the article, "Due to contractual hang-ups, Stern wasn’t [previously] on the Sirius XM app. That reality kept the Sirius XM app from being a must have. With Stern on the Sirius XM app downloads are likely to pick up."

The story concludes, "The big picture here is that Sirius XM isn’t necessarily about satellite radio anymore. Sirius XM is about content on any platform.Stern staying with Sirius XM and appearing on mobile apps should accelerate the day where pricey satellites aren’t the main distribution method for the company."