Latest 'Jersey Shore' Developments: 'The Situation' Doesn't Have the Right Abbs-lication For Gym in Plaza Hotel; Ronnie Indicted on Assault Charge NY Post's Page Six; THR; Asbury Park Press

Looks like putting on your applicaton to own a gym that you are a national celebrity on a popular TV show doesn't always hold much sway.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has been barred from getting involved with a high-end gym that's slated to reopen in New York's pricey Plaza Hotel reports The New York Post's Page Six.

The reason? The hotel's management doesn't believe that the "Jersey Shore" star reflects the right image for the type of clients it hopes to attract, the story says. The Post had previously reported that the Situation was in talks to become a partner and the face of the Plaza's new gym, which is slated to open in the space formerly occupied by the Radu Fitness center.

Separately,  Ronald "Ronnie" Ortiz-Magro, a cast member of "Jersey Shore," was indicted on one count of assault related to an incident during the show's first season of filming, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

A New Jersey grand jury indictment alleges that Ortiz "did purposely or knowingly cause significant bodily injury to Stephen Izzo by striking him in the face with a closed fist, causing him to lose consciousness." While the punch wasn't shown on "Jersey Shore," the events leading up to the fight were broadcast, as well as Izzo lying face down on the ground afterwards, the story notes.   

The offense is punishable by up to five years in state prison, according to the Asbury Park Press.