Lawsuit Against CBS, CNET in the Works as Fight Over Digital Rights Heats Up B&C

FilmOn founder Alki David says he plans to sue CBS and its CNET tech Web site, alleging the site allows "illegal distribution of DRM [digital rights management] removal software as well as the illegal distribution of file sharing software with malicious intent to infringe on copyright," according to B&C.

David last week posted a YouTube video that attacks CNET for what he claims is copyright infringement by the site, the story notes. CBS, which is suing David for copyright infringement on its side, responded to the video by saying the company respects intellectual property rights and suggested that David’s infringement charge was off base, the article says.

David's countercharge comes after a judge last month issued a temporary restraining order against FilmOn, which streams TV station signals online for $9.95 a month.