Leno Steals Bit, Then Gives Credit In a Way Few Would Know Fancast

Jay Leno stole a video bit he used  on the "Tonight" show recently, Tracy Phillips of Fancast reports.

According to the article, "On Monday’s episode featuring guest Taylor Swift, Leno aired a hilarious montage of the singer and her ’surprised’ reactions to winning her many awards. 'We put together a little montage of you being surprised,' Leno told the country sweetheart."

However, the article then goes on to say that the montage was actually found on the Internet and compiled by Rich Juzwiak and Kate Spencer. In a blog post Juzwiak wrote, according to the article, "Sean O’Rourke, a research coordinator for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno reached out to me for permission to show my Taylor Swift Is Surprised video during an upcoming sit-down interview with the pop star … Sean assured me I and/or my blog would get credit. What surprised me the most wasn’t so much that Kate and I weren’t mentioned, but that the video wasn’t credited as having originated on the Internet. This is not an obscure work — it’s racked up over 200,000 views in a week! I thought at the very least, he’d give and indication of this thing’s preexistence so that his viewers could hunt it down if they were so inclined. That was, apparently, expecting too much."

TVWeek would have assumed that once Leno was apprised of the situation that he would have apologized from his desk the next night and would have given credit where credit was due.

But that's not what happened. Instead, at the end of the next night's show the appropriate credit for the video montage was included in the end credits of the "Tonight" show. As most of us know, not a lot of folks who aren't in the business pay attention to those end credits. Here's Leno showing the video montage:


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