Oprah Describes Her Greatest Fear--Over Starting Her OWN Cable Net Reuters

Oprah Winfrey says the greatest fear she has ever felt in her life was over starting the OWN cable network, Reuters reports.

Winfrey revealed her fears in an interview with her own O magazine.

“I have never felt such fear in all my life,” she tells the magazine. “I was afraid of failing. ... I was afraid it wouldn’t be what ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ has been, and has meant, for all these years. What I realized is that I’ve never been afraid before. Not with any decision I’ve ever made.”

OWN is scheduled to launch Jan. 1 as a joint project of Winfrey’s Harpo Inc. and Discovery Communications. It will be distributed on the former Discovery Health Channel, and will initially be available in 80 million homes, the story says.

Winfrey’s long-running syndicated talk show will wind down in May 2011.