Our TVWeek Best Bet Movie to Watch at Home This Weekend TVWeek

By Chuck Ross

In between watching sports and last minute holiday shopping, we have a terrific movie recommendation for you to watch at home this weekend.

With the death of Blake Edwards this week, we dove into his film oeuvre and have come up with a goodie.

Edwards made some wonderful movies, from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" to "The Pink Panther" to "Victor/Victoria."

But we thought we'd pick one out that was a bit unusual for Blake. From 1962, it's "Experiment in Terror." It's a noir thriller, shot in gorgeous black & white.

The movie stars Lee Remick and Glenn Ford, but the person you'll never forget from the film is Ross Martin--years before he became a household name on TV  from co-starring in "The Wild Wild West"-- playing the creepiest of creeps. In fact, maybe the two best creeps in movies is Martin in this film and Andy Robinson's performance in "Dirty Harry."

"Experiment  in Terror" will have you on the edge-of-your-couch, not least because of one of the best scores ever in this kind of a suspenseful picture. It's by Henry Mancini, but pretty much unlike anything else he ever did. 

He uses an offbeat instument--the autoharp--to achive the same kind of feel Bernard Herrmann had using strings two years before this film was made in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho."

Since "Experiment in Terror"  is available to stream from Netflix, there shouldn't be a problem getting a hold of it to watch this weekend.

Enjoy!  If you see it (or have seen it), let us know what you think!

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