Nintendo Sets Minimum Age for Use of 3D Devices, Warns Parents of Young Children of Possible Harm to Eyes Bloomberg

If you have kids younger than 6 years old, Nintendo doesn't want you buying its latest 3D handheld device, reports Bloomberg News.

"Looking at 3D images for a long time may harm the growth of children’s eyes," Nintendo said in a note posted on its Web site. The company's new 3DS players will be promoted at a three-day event in Japan next month, the story says.

Nintendo is barring children under 6 from using the device's 3D functions at the introductory event, according to the report.

The hand-held device shows 3D images without the need for the user to wear special glasses, and it's Nintendo's biggest portable product debut since its DS player release in 2004, the story notes.

The videogame player will be sold in Japan starting in February and in the U.S. and Europe in March.