People Still Watch Commercials on Time-Shifted Shows, Nielsen Report Finds MediaDailyNews

Viewers actually still watch commercials during time-shifted programs, reports MediaDailyNews, citing a new Nielsen report.

The report found that C3 ratings, which take into account live viewing as well as viewing over the next three days with a DVR, rise 16%, boosted by people who watch commercials while using a digital-video recorder, the story notes. The data tracks viewers between 18-to-49 years old who watch ABC, CBS, the CW, Fox and NBC combined, the story says.

The commercial viewing average for the networks' live feeds from April 29 to May 26 was a 1.78, but that jumped to a 2.06 rating for C3 ratings, the story notes. Nielsen said that in homes with DVRs, commercials watched in time-shifted mode increase C3 ratings by 44%, the story notes.