Real-Life 'Baywatch' Coming to Cable TVWee

A real-life version of 'Baywatch' is coming to cable TV.

The name of the show is "Bondi Rescue," and it debuts in late-night this coming Monday, Dec. 13,  at 11 p.m. ET/PT on Fox Sports' Fuel TV.

"The mesmerizing 'Bondi Rescue' follows a real-life elite team of Australian lifeguards at one of the busiest and most dangerous beaches in the world," Fuel says in an announcement. "These lifeguards are tasked with keeping 40,000 daily beachgoers safe from pounding surf, poisonous jellyfish, nasty sharks and each other. From encounters with wildlife, to surf injuries, to fights, to drug busts, to celebrity visits, there’s no place on Earth like Bondi Beach.“

"’Bondi Rescue’ is a real-life ‘Baywatch’ where the risks are incredibly high and the stakes are life and death,” says Shon Tomlin, Fuel TV SVP of programming and marketing. “It’s a show that has had tremendous success overseas and we’re excited to have the exclusive rights to six seasons of this acclaimed series.”

No word if the show will have the real-life equivalent of 'Baywatch" hunks and babes such as Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) and C.J. Parker (Pam Anderson).