Report: Broadcast Network Entertainment Chief Expected to Leave Job at End of the Season

One of the broadcast network entertainment chiefs is expected to leave that job at the end of the TV season in May 2011, reports Nellie Andreeva at

Writes Andreeva: "After almost a decade in Hollywood as the head of UPN and its successor broadcast network, CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff may be going back to New York. I hear Ostroff would be leaving the CW at the end of her contract in June to relocate to New York with her kids. While the decision is not final, sources indicate that Ostroff is leaning heavily in that direction and is expected to make it official early next year."

The story says it's stictly a personal decision, precipitated by the fact that Ostroff's husband now works primarily in New York and is commuting between coasts.

The article notes that before coming to L.A. at the beginning of 2002 to run the CW, Ostroff and her family were based in New York.

The story adds that as much as management would love to keep Osrtoff, the job is here in L.A. and not New York, so she would have to resign.

Andreeva closes the article by quoting Ostroff from this past July, when she was asked about Steve McPherson's departure from ABC: "I always say these jobs are rented chairs. I've been sitting here for 9 years, having seen a lot of people come and go."