Report: Netflix Willing to Pay Studios Up To $100,000 Per Episode So It Can Rent-Out Current Episodes of TV Series NY Post

Netflix "is in talks with studios about gaining access to current episodes of primetime shows and is willing to pay between $70,000 and $100,000 per episode, according to a person familiar with the matter," reports our friend Claire Atkinson in the New York Post.

Atkinson notes, "Just last month, Netflix won a groundbreaking deal with NBC Universal to stream comedy show "Saturday Night Live" the day after it airs on the broadcast network."

One stumbling block is a dispute between the networks and the studios about who owns the rights to current series episodes. According to the story, " 'It's a big source of friction,' said one TV executive familiar with discussions. 'There are no agreements [on control of rights], but I think it will trend toward the networks being in charge of selling in-season in first run, and beyond that, the studio.' "

Atkinson adds, "Meanwhile, the more deals Netflix seals, the more uneasy Hollywood gets about the creation of a streaming giant. 'People are wondering if they did the right thing by selling to them,' said one Hollywood source. 'Are we mortgaging our future?' "