Ronni Chasen's Brother, Larry Cohen, Thinks the Man Who Killed Himself In Front Of Police Probably Had Nothing To Do With Her Death; Larry Does Have His Own Theory of What Happened NY Times; ABC News

Larry Cohen, the filmmaker brother ("It's Alive," many others) of murdered Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, thinks the man who killed himself when police went to question him about the murder probably had nothing to do with it,The New York Times reports.

The article, by Michael Cieply and Brooks Barnes, does quote Cohen with his theory about what happened.

Cohen says that the man who killed himself, Harold Smith, "was a deranged person who just made that up; no way he was involved. I still think this was most likely a case of road rage.”

Authorities are also increasingly wondering whether Smith was involved, according to numerous media reports. One reason, as ABC News notes, is that "Ballistics tests do not link Harold Smith's gun to shots that killed Chasen."

In that same article, Robin Sax, a former prosecutor, said, on "Good Morning America" that she finds Cohen's comments of interest: " 'Family members are always going to be of importance. Our biggest clue is to look in the will. Who was left out? Ronni Chasen's brother. It doesn't seem that they've had a very close relationship until their mother died in 2000. Why is it that he is so hung up on this road rage theory when no one supports that theory? Clues are making us wonder what involvement, if any, does he have.' "

According to the article, Dana Cole, a defense attorney. added this: "If this was a professional hit, then you can usually trace it back to some sort of financial issue, and the fact that she was a spendthrift at some point and time may actually become an important clue."