Sony, Discovery and Imax Joint-Venture 3D Channel to Add Six New Series THR

The 3D channel that's slated to debut in early 2011 as a joint venture between Sony, Discovery Communications and Imax is adding six series, including three original programs and three acquisitions, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The three original series have the working titles "Bullproof," "High Octane" and "Making the Brand," while the three acquisitions are Discovery's "Ghost Lab," Sony Pictures' "Open Season" and Imax's "Space Station."

One of the challenges for 3D channels is to tap into a reliable stream of content, and the venture says it expects to have about 200 hours of 3D programming by the end of 2011, the article says.

"The big complaint that most people have about 3D is that there is just not enough to watch, so part of the mission of the channel is to fill that gap," said Tom Cosgrove, the president and chief executive of the venture, which is now focused on creating 3D content rather than converting existing programming to 3D.