Study: Almost No One Cancels Subscription TV Services Because They Say They Want to Watch Video Primarily Online B&C

A new study has found that practically no one cancels his or her cable or satellite subscription TV services so they can watch video primarily online, B&C reports

Says the article, "Frank N. Magid & Associates annual survey of consumer video consumption patterns found increased consumption of video on alternative platforms but uncovered little evidence of people abandoning subscription TV services. Only 1% of those survey reported dumping their pay TV provider in favor of accessing online video and only 2.5% of consumers claimed to be using Internet video content as their exclusive source of video."

Furthermore, according to the story, "The survey also found that 40% of consumers are watching TV shows and movies online using a laptop or computer at least occasionally but that consumers using the greatest number of alternative platforms also tended to spend the most money on traditional subscription services."

Magid surveyed 1,209 people in October 2010, the article says.