Super Bowl Ultimately Going to Pay-TV? That Could Happen, Warns the President of the National Association of Broadcasters B&C

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) President Gordon Smith warned that the Federal Communications Commission's move to issue a broad notice of proposed rulemaking on retransmission consent could ultimately push the Super Bowl away from free TV, reports B&C.

According to the article,  the NAB " 'strongly endorses educating consumers with the multiple options available to them in the exceedingly rare instance when a retransmission consent dispute arises, including the antenna TV option. In the final analysis, injecting Washington into private business negotiations that have a 99% success rate only serves to embolden pay-TV companies,' said Smith."

Furthermore the story says Smith warned that "If the pay-TV giants succeed there will be further migration of premiere sporting events like the Super Bowl away from free TV, and a reduction in financial resources that sustain quality foreign language programming, local news and entertainment to a growing audience of more than 30 million Americans who rely exclusively on over-the-air television."